Headsets, Goggles or Head Mounted Displays (HMD's) are the best way of delivering virtual reality content, especially in order to provide a totally immersive experience. There a range of headsets available starting from entry level right through to high powered motion tracking units.


The good news about HMD's is there is a huge amount of choice and all offer a range of features suitable for different uses. So depending on what you want to achieve with your headset decides which one you should go for.


ENTRY LEVEL ($5 - $70)


Google cardboard is one of the most well-known entry-level headsets on the market and can be purchased at a very low price point. Made of cardboard, they require a smartphone and can be a fantastic option to enable someone to experience some level of VR or view 360  Further from these are more high grade plastic headsets offering the same function as the google card but with a greater level of comfort and durability.video in a very quick, rudimentary fashion.


MID LEVEL ($70 - $400)


In the mid-level range, the most commonly known HMD would be the Samsung Gear, designed to work with the majority of the companies flagship smartphones. The Samsung gear comes with greater immersion by offering a greater field of view, remote control capabilities allowing interaction with the VR environment and partnering with Oculus gives Gear users access to many of the Oculus assets. Similar to the Gear is the Google Daydream. With similar functionality, the gear offers a number of different phones to be used in the headset allowing greater flexibility. Therein lies the downside to these headsets. They require a specific (often high end) smartphone to enable them to work. This is fine if you already own said phone but if you don't then the cost of the entire setup can jump significantly if you are purchasing the device specifically.


Enter the next generation of the mid-level Headsets. When Facebook purchased Oculus from Palmer Luckey, Mark Zuckerberg's vision was to place a VR headset in every household. His fruition of this is the Oculus Go. Very much like the Samsung Gear in capability however with the smartphone technology built right into the goggles, taking away the roadblock of needing separate parts to build your VR experience. The standalone headset released in June 2018 is the next step in revolutionising the mainstreaming of VR. By making the experiences more accessible and priced at $199USD places it in a reasonable price range for most technological pundits. There have been several other companies such as Lenovo partnering with Google to release their own stand-alone headset the "Mirage" and also adding some basic motion tracking to help to add more degrees of freedom.


HIGH END ($600+)


Majority of the High End headsets available such as the HTC VIVE are tethered devices requiring significantly powerful PC's to power them. Big in the gaming world, these units would only work in a semi-permanent installation. There lack of portability and steeper learning curve makes them not the greatest fit for tour operators at this point of the technology.  




Implementing the use of headsets can be a really low-cost way of applying the use of VR in your business. Providing you can find the right content to share or view, the cost of a headset might be your only investment necessary.


A bus tour company has a lot of downtime in between destinations where travelers are eagerly awaiting their next stop or reflecting on the previous stop. For example, we have just left The 12 Apostles and everyone is remembering the view from the steps and the lookout, going through the photos they took on their phone. While sitting in their seat you hand them a headset and transport them to a birds-eye view of the apostles as they fly over the top. The memories of their visit have been enhanced, they inhaled the smells of the ocean and felt the wind hitting their face to the amazing visuals in both real life and VR. A holistic experience has just been created by simply providing them with a tool to view a 360 video in an immersive environment.